Supporting our families financially

If you need help come and have a chat or email support@​fairburn.​org.​uk.

Here are Fairburn, we are keen to offer help to our families whenever we can. We hold fundraising events throughout the year to support our School Fund. This is what we use for lovely experiences for our children as well as a support to families who may be struggling financially. We often subsidise our school trips from it too to keep costs lower for all our families.

We make every effort to keep costs as low as we can. This year we have not raised the cost of school lunches but we have been able to absorb the rising cost of food from our school budget so far, because we want as many of our children to enjoy Mrs Hempshell’s lunches as possible and we know how important it is for children to eat a hot meal, especially in the colder months. 

Whilst parent’s can purchase embroidered school uniform from either Marks & Spencers or Tesco, we are happy for children to have plain jumpers/​cardigans/​tops from any shop as long as they are the right colour. Prior to the summer we introduced the pre-loved uniform shop too and we do not require children to wear leather school shoes. 

More recently, we have introduced a Halloween costume exchange where parents can bring in their outgrown/​unwanted Halloween costumes and swap them for another version. Children grow so quickly so it seemed sensible to have a place where they can be exchanged for free. It also means that all children can join in our dressing up days if they want to without parents feeling the burden of having to pay for something that can only be worn once or twice. 

If you have any further ideas for how we can support parents, please let us know.

If you are struggling financially, please come and have a confidential chat with us. Our sole aim is that all children have equal access to all experiences and we will help wherever we can. We do not want any family to suffer or worry over a school trip or event. If you do not feel able to come in, you can email through support@fairburn.n‑ so please let us help. 

Take a look at the letter below to check in case your child is eligible for Pupil Premium Funding. If you think they are, come in and have a chat with us. 

Pupil Premium Application Form