Keeping safe on the internet

On this page we will provide places to go to support you as parents in trying to keep your child safe in the internet. This information will be updated as we become aware of new sources of support.

The NSPCC provides helpful advice and tools that a parent/​carer can use to help keep their child safe whenever and wherever they go online.

  • Has material and information for use with young children as well as older children
  • Key advice for parents /​carers
  • Information on a range of social media sites and games.

Thinkuknow provides helpful advice and tools that a parent/​carer can use to help keep their child safe online.

They have downloadable guides for parents/​carers on various social media sites like: Instagram, Whatsapp, youtube etc They also have some useful films for parents to watch about the risks online and four specific films about sexting /​‘self nudies’ and how to talk to their children about this issue and what to do if this happens.

Childnet have a range of information to support parents/​carers keep their children on safe including:

  • Parents: Supporting Young People Online (Leaflets in a variety of languages)
  • Key advice for parents /​carers
  • Conversation starters to enable parents /​carers to talk to their children
  • How to set parental controls on a range of devices, Gaming
  • The whole website can be read in a variety of languages.

Safer Internet has very specific advice, films and signposting to ensure parents/​carers have the information about how to set up parental controls on a range of devices and their home internet.

North Yorkshire local Children Safeguarding Partnership (LCSP), works collaboratively with other agencies to produce information about practical advice for how parents/​carers can support their children to stay safe online

Keeping your child safe using games consoles and SMART devices

The latest advice from the Department of Education about how to keep your child safe online can be found on this link

DFE advice February 2021

Internet matters also has series of guides and resources for safely setting up specific consoles, video games and platforms, so if a child receives a new games, or device you can simply search for a handy step by step guide on how to set up or play safely Gaming consoles and platforms – Internet Matters, Tech guide: buyer’s guide for parents | Internet Matters

National Online Safety Tips for Parents

SmartPhones: Indeed, more than half of parents (52%) surveyed by Ofcom admitted to worrying about their child being bullied via their mobile phone – and with hazards like scams, screen addiction and inappropriate content to consider, that’s far from the only risk around. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide this week pulls together some simple but solid smartphone safety tips 

Smartphone safety tips 1

Managing Screen time: 99% of current children will own a smartphone before they reach 18. With phones and other devices offering an increasing number of ways to pass the time, it can prove difficult for young people to set them aside. As a gateway to messaging services, games, television, music and more, digital devices can become borderline indispensable items in a young person’s life. Studies have shown, however, that managing a child’s screen time can have positive impacts on their cognitive development. This week, our #WakeUpWednesday guide provides you with some simple but effective tips to help you bring your family’s screen time down to a healthier level, while suggesting alternative activities that are far less reliant on technology.

Managing screen time