Forest School

  • Last updated: 4 December 2023

All children across the school partake in Forest School sessions, led by Sally Wolff, a certified Forest School leader. We really value the importance of learning that happens in an outdoor environment and believe this to be an integral part of the curriculum.

Sally runs Grass Roots Muddy Boots and offers holiday Club activities as well. Here is a link to her website

Grass Roots Muddy Boots

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Foundation /Y1

Children in Foundation Stage/​Y1 attend weekly day sessions during a half term in the Summer. We use a local wood as we do not have adequate space within our own school grounds for Forest School activities. Children in Y2 & 3 and Years 4,5 & 6 also attend sessions during the Summer term but for half a day each. Each child has a Forest School passport which they maintain throughout their time at school. This documents the range of activities they do as well as their achievements. 

During the sessions, activities include scavenging, making tools, cooking, learning to light fires safely and creating some natural art activities. 

Forest School 2023
Forest School 2023

As well as Forest School sessions, the children attend other outdoor based, local events such as the local Country show and visit a wood up the road, Ledstone Estate, where we use the outdoor centre and learn about the natural world. 

Having new experiences
Learning about the natural, local habitat.
Having the opportunity to run freely and explore.

Children in Y5 & 6 go on residential to East Barnby Residential Centre, near Whitby which is a North Yorkshire run centre. During their time there, the children enjoy not only learning new skills such as sailing, canoeing, climbing or fossil hunting but they experience having to organise themselves for a few days, away from home. It is such a valuable experience and a joy to see the children gain in confidence during their time there. 

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During the pandemic, we were not able to go away for the full week but we did go for a day trip so that the children still experienced something. 

Please see the link below for East Barnby Residential Centre

East Barnby Residential Centre