Inside Our School

  • Last updated: 15 March 2022

We constantly work hard to make sure the inside of our school is as bright and cheerful as it can be.

However, it has become clear that the range of facilities that we have available are simply not apparent to many prospective parents, until they visit the school. The exterior of the school does not reflect the bright, welcoming environment that is evident when you step inside.

Below is a small gallery of images to give you an impression of some of the things that the school can offer. Of course, we still encourage all prospective parents and pupils to visit the school in person. If you would like to arrange a visit you can just contact us to arrange this.

The bottom playground for all types of ball games and scooters.
Our school Hub- a place at playtime for board games and creative activities.
We are lucky to have a good sized hall for lunches, assemblies & before and after school clubs.
Class 2- Y4,5,& 6 pupils. (Aged 8-11)
Back 2
The top playground for quieter games, including table football and EYFS outdoor provision.