Y5/6 visit to Leeds Assett Management

Last week, children in Y5/​6 were invited to a company in Leeds called Leeds Asset Management’.

What an amazing trip this was for the children in year 5 and 6 and may I add- a first for Fairburn Community Primary School. The trip was organised through the Skills builder’ organisation which we are lucky to be associated with. The organisation aims to develop, through structured and progressive activities. the following life skills: staying positive & aiming high, listening & presenting, leadership & teamwork and problem solving & creativity.

This focus of the trip was to develop in particular, problem solving, listening and presenting although the children showed a great range of skills. 

The day kicked off with a quick teamwork activity followed by a question answer session where the children were able to find out about what each of the volunteers did for the company. The children asked very sensible and relevant questions developing their understanding of this workplace.

During the next activity the children were given £20000 to invest in a variety of assets based on real life scenarios. The discussion around each table was amazing and very mature. 

There were obviously winners and losers in these scenarios but the children remained positive throughout. The children all said they had learnt new skills and developed their understanding of an office work place. They loved the comfortable chairs and the i‑pad controlled coffee machines!

Both Mrs Lickley and I were very proud of the way the children conducted themselves and rose to the challenges presented them.

20200205 111708
The comfy chairs
20200205 111414
The I-pad controlled drinks system
20200205 111642
An opportunity to experience a very modern workplace
Lots of opportunity for debate and team work
An opportunity to practise our skills of greeting new people formally
We received an email commending the children for their high levels of engagement throughout the day