Equality and Diversity

The Governing Body of Fairburn Community Primary School carried out a National Governors Association (NGA) Diversity evaluation exercise to consider any issues that need to be addressed. The guidelines for the evaluation states that highlighting an issue is not making a judgement that the board lacks diversity, rather it creates an opportunity for discussion about how the board diversifies and increases participation in their context’.

To compliment this evaluation, we utilised Local Area Reports provided by the Home Office for National Statistics to support our understanding of the local profile and community demographics of Fairburn.

In the section of Ethnicity the evaluation findings demonstrate that the Board is representative of the schools staff, pupils and community of Fairburn. Census data( (2011) states that 99% of residents in Fairburn identify themselves as White English . Interestingly the demographic in Selby data in 2021 states that 85% of residents identify themselves as White . As Governors we need to monitor the potential changing demographics of Fairburn to support and encourage participation with the Board.

There were no significant diversity issues identified that needed to be addressed at this time. However there is currently one male governor and any future vacancies will need to promote interest from all genders to increase opportunities to further broaden our boards diversity.

If you would like to see the summary of the data collected and discussed, please contact the school.