Return to School Plan

We have been delighted to welcome all of the children back into school after 15 months of disruption to their education. The staff and I have spent time considering carefully the best approach for our school to fully support our children and their families in their return to school. We have read blogs, attended online seminars with educationalists and looked at the approaches of other schools. However, we feel that we know our school community the best so we have formulated the following plan.

The structure of our plan is based on the Education Endowment Foundation’s (EEF) researched model of the Tiered Approach which advocates a balanced approach to improving teaching, targeted academic support and wider strategies…a helpful heuristic that can supplement school leader discussions regarding allocation of funding, energy, training and time’. 

(EEF- A Tiered Approach to 2020 – 21 academic year planning)

Tiered approach 2
The Tiered Approach Model

Below is a diagram showing our plan based on the tiered model, detailing our approach.

We received £6320 form the Government for catch-up funding. We have chosen to spend this employing a maths consultant, Dave Godfrey from Numberfun, to work with specific groups of children across the school learning basic maths concepts. This takes place three times a week. 

Return to School Plan