School Closure

Unfortunately, our school closed on Friday 20th March due to the Coronavirus outbreak and following instructions from the Government.

We remain partially open to look after the children of key workers.

However, whilst we may not be in the building, the heart of Fairburn School is keeping beating through our virtual school. We have set up lessons and activities to replicate our curriculum as much as we can given the constraints we face. Staff, governors and myself remain steadfast in our opinion though that never has it felt so important to look after our families and our children as now. Staff are ringing around each family every two weeks to check on their well being. We have provided home resource packs for each family so that all children can access the same experiences as each other. Work is set weekly for children to access and this is split into core tasks and optional tasks as we recognise that all families face very different situations. 

If your child is due to start school in September with us, do not worry. We will be in touch to explain the next steps after the decision date has passed. We will form a plan regarding transition arrangements too. In the mean time, if anyone needs to contact us, please either email or phone on the school mobile number.