Our Pancake Cafe

  • Last updated: 2 March 2022

Today, the children in Class 1 & 2 took turns to run a Pancake Cafe. They either cooked, served or reviewed the session. It was great to allow everyone to mix together and have fun!

Choosing which topping to order

Y4,5,& 6 designed the Cafe. They decided on a name and created bunting, signs and menus. They researched the most popular toppings to serve across school and worked out the roles required to run the cafe. They also looked at job descriptions and discussed the key life skills they would need. 

On the day, they made the pancakes and served them to class 1 & F/​Y1. In the afternoon, it was the turn of Y3 to make and serve the children in class 2. A great day was enjoyed by all. 

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A great name!

Class 2’s Reflections on the Day.

Oh my, it was smoking’ hot down at the Flippin’ Pancake Café’! Pancakes just flew out of the kitchen and into hungry tummies. Years 3, 4,5 and 6 did an amazing job, or should I say an amazing four jobs in the café including: collecting children from their classes, showing them to their seats and taking their drinks order; cooking perfect pancakes with a variety of toppings; taking, preparing and serving food orders and finally, clearing away clean’ plates and washing down tables ready for their next guests. 

We worked out that we had to use the following skills from our Skillsbuilder framework: Speaking and Listening, Problem Solving, Staying Positive, teamwork and Leadership.

Preparation for our fantastically, flipping, phantasmagorical extravaganza began just before the half term holidays. We all had an input into our café’s logo and the style of lettering for the sign. We decided as a class that it would be good to use the same colours and logo on the menu too so our brand’ would be easily recognisable. Smaller teams then made the sign, the menus, table labels and the bunting. We realised that we had to find a recipe and which toppings the children liked. A team was dispatched to investigate. Nutella was a firm favourite. Mr Wynne told us that what we were doing were real life jobs that adults did in the hospitality industry. We needed to be helpful, smile, speak clearly and work efficiently and show initiative. Being bossy with each other just would not work!

Macey said, It was the first time I have ever made pancakes by myself. It was great flipping them over!”

Jack said that he enjoyed putting the toppings on and Scarlett liked taking food orders. Henry liked the grown-up’ aspect of working in a café.

Evie was challenged by the cooking as it was her first time pancake flipping too! Olivia said it was a pleasure being with the little ones as they were so kind and polite.

Evan has always wanted to do some cooking and be a proper chef and this gave him the opportunity.

We got some amazing feedback too from all the children we served!!