School Lunches

  • Last updated: 9 March 2020

We offer a healthy, nutritionally-balanced, school dinners menu with food cooked fresh on the premises every day.

Our cook, Mrs Colley, provides a really tasty lunch. She takes the time to find out the children’s individual likes and dislikes so that she knows they will be receiving a meal that they are going to eat and enjoy!

Our school meals follow a healthy-eating policy and are produced freshly every day in our school kitchen from only:

  • Fresh meat and poultry sourced from the region;
  • Fruit and vegetables sourced regionally where possible using local suppliers;
  • Products free from additives associated with health problems in young children;
  • Fats free from hydrogenated oils;
  • With menus that are nutritionally balanced.

We have a three week menu cycle, allowing children to become familiar with the food served which is changed every term to reflect the seasons. In addition to this menu, children have the option of either a jacket potato with a choice of filling or a sandwich option.

We also have themed days throughout the year such as Mother’s Day, Halloween, Bonfire Night and of course a lovely Christmas Dinner!

Please speak to Mrs McCrory in the office if you have any questions.

Mrs Colley also teaches the children to cook the meals from the menu during weekly cooking lessons.
Children are chosen each Friday to sit on our Gold table.
All children eat together during two sittings so that it isn't too crowded and noisy in the hall.