Aims & Ethos

  • Last updated: 3 September 2019

The very ethos of our school is communicated through the aims below which have been written by staff, governors and children. All decisions are made based on these beliefs and aspirations. They are accompanied by The Fairburn Promise, situated in the Entrance Hall, which is the practical version of what the aims look like in the daily life of the school. A display is maintained annually in school, depicting the aims lived out throughout the school year.

The aims and values we hold for everyone in our School Community

Children – The very centre of all we do;

We aim to create an environment where our children love to learn.

We want our children to:

  • Be confident to be who they are; encouraged to be individuals who recognise their own talents and skills. 
  • Be inspired to have high expectations of themselves to achieve their full potential. 
  • Realise the importance of being well mannered, tolerant and understanding of others. 
  • Be resilient and have the necessary skills to be prepared for their future experiences.

The Curriculum – Shaped and influenced strongly by our children

We want a curriculum that:

  • Creates diverse, rich and varied learning opportunities relevant to today‘s multicultural world. 
  • Is based on strong values encouraging high engagement and challenge. 
  • Teaches children the importance of being safe, healthy and promotes their sense of emotional wellbeing. 

School Life – Be happy, have fun and enjoy coming to school

We want to create an environment:

  • Where our children are safe, feel safe and are listened to.
  • Which is a reflective and inclusive learning community that supports a can do’ attitude.
  • Where all children experience and explore a full range of new, varied activities that will enhance their learning.

Staff – Provide safe and happy environment where everyone is valued as individuals who have an equal voice.

We want staff to:

  • Experience a high quality CPD that is challenging and innovative developing a passion for excellence.
  • Experience a healthy work/​life balance that supports our values and beliefs. 

Families – A partnership that is open and honest, where communications are transparent and confidential.